Video instructions for making essential vegan ingredients yourself
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Video instructions for making for making Tofu yourself.

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The Fortuitous Technological Find
by Mr Emmanuel G. Odonkor

Book two in the Ego series focusses more on my central beliefs at the time, centring around something called the New Age movement which is ostensibly to be in a position where you are able to draw on the worlds self-improvement knowledge, encompassing Christianity, Hinduism, Budhism, Taoism, Islam, Philosophy, Psychology, and discussions with like minded individuals. The central theme of the New Age movement is that of self-improvement / spiritual development, and any number of sources have their view on the subject, including my own book that draws attention to the pitfalls of many of the claims, and as such may stand alone as a highly reliabe New Age guide, a methodology I term Egolife.
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 9:41pm 22nd of February 2015 
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Veganic culture recognises sentient creatures as we do ourselves.
 7:01pm 16th of February 2015 
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I use tofu as deep fried chunks with mushrooms and peanut sauce, curry, vegan mozzarella, yoghurt, and whipped cream, to name a few.
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