Video instructions for making for making Wheat Gluten yourself.


Frustrated with the development of an other web site I was building, and with my poor self, the number 200 (not how much I earn usually (sterling) a week as a KP, even though now a qualified chef (though, some head chefs might not support me (protectionism!)) was at the front of my mind, like the cartoon dollar symbol. That's the number of visitors I was having at my Youtube original video location, before trying to monetize, and losing my views, total approaching 100,000 over 3 years.

Here therefore is that video on my own site (others don't usually have this ability, therefore Youtube), and Ins Allah (means God willing in Arabic (I am eclectic)), I'll soon monetize this site while, and pointing you in the direction of my other offerings. Bon Appetito!

This site is one in the eye I suspect for my strange neighbour whom I suspect delighted in my dropping a large block of tofu (too much of a good thing?), and an unconstructive Youtube criticism prior to my erroneously editing the video, that has eventuated in being a blessing in disguise by the obvious success of the visits to this site.
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